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Founder & CEO Yoonus noor mohomed

About Founder

The Founder & CEO Yoonus Noor Mohamed amassed a wealth of experience during his tenure as a Senior Board Member of EAM Maliban Textiles. A family-owned Textile Company which specializes in the manufacturing of quality clothing for high-end retailers in North America and Europe. EAM Maliban Textiles is recognized as one of the Top 5 Textile Manufacturers in Sri Lanka with manufacturing setupsin the Jordan.

During his tenure, he operated and scaled multiple business units taking on numerous roles and responsibilities enabling EAM to grow and bring onboard a multitude of global brands. His ability to work closely with customers and develop customized solutions allowed him to secure and maintain strong relationships chiefly due to his personal touch and engaging networking abilities.

This wealth of experience led him to establish YNM Capital holdings as an independent entity after exiting the family business in 2016 to venture into new and exciting markets not limited to the apparel industry.

YNM Capital Holdings today is an international conglomerate with interests in Pharmaceuticals, Information Communication Technology, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Wealth Management, Aircraft SpareParts, Fashion and Bespoke Clothing, Interior Furnishing, E-Commerce and Hospitality.

Backed by a strong personal philosophy to never back down from challenges and seek new and emerging opportunities, YNM Capital Holdings is a precise representation of the Founder & CEO Yoonus Noor Mohamed.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a respected leader in global asset management while connecting with, transforming, and building extraordinary brands that surpass all expectations.

Our Mission

Our mission is to aid our groups in reaching their long-term financial goals through our excellent investment strategies. We offer our subsidiaries a rewarding place to build a career alongside enhanced value through our high professional standards, integrity, reliability, diversity, and strategic alliances.

Core Values

Honesty & Integrity

We maintain the highest ethical standards in our ongoing activities by putting our divisions first.


We will remain a privately-owned and independent firm, to make optimum decisions for our company, by scouring the markets for the best opportunities and presenting them directly to potential distributors.


We believe in utilizing our team-members unique talents to create a supportive work environment that fosters teamwork, collegiality, and effective communication.


We embrace diversity and equality in all aspects of our business.


We relentlessly pursue new and better ways to add value to those whom we serve to make superior investment decisions and thrive beyond industry standards.


We focus on the well-being and satisfaction of our customers above all while providing industry-leading quality services to our partners.

Director Board

Yoonus Noor Mohamed

Founder & CEO

Nishani De Silva

Managing Director

Avril De Silva

Executive Director


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