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Trendy Hub brings Haute Couture to Sri Lankan lifestyles.

High fashion, also known as Haute Couture is exclusive clothing made from high-quality fabric and is both trendsetting and luxurious.

Trendy Hub, a subsidiary of YNM Capital Holdings (Pvt) Ltd is a one-of-a-kind high-end fashion store. We provide high-quality clothing to fit the lifestyle of every urban woman. At Trendy Hub our clothes are inspired by the global trends of the fashion capitals in Europe & America. We believe in allowing Sri Lankans to indulge in their own unique personal style and enjoy the luxuries of high-end fashion.

At Trendy Hub you will find limited editions and unique pieces for all tastes and styles. Trendy Hubs collection ranges from casual everyday outfits and chic office attire to elegant evening wear. Our catalog consists of patterned, made to measure, bespoke clothing all of which adds glamour to one’s identity.


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